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The aim of “ella épeler” is “Bring Your Attitude To Life”, we try to make a lot of experiments, using unique design illustrations and art to mix with irregular youthful tailoring, and Flatten the different elements together. For the clothing we hope to bring more fun and choice, and showing the diversity and uniqueness of fashion. Our target is making each piece can become a treasure in the closet. we are not going to release the products of each season since we don’t have been limited by season. We want our customers to outfit their own style, and demonstrate the interesting part of『ella épeler』.

『ella épeler』中的épeler在法文中是一個類似介詞的詞語,當用到拼湊或串聯一些東西等等都會用到這個詞。品牌宗旨『Bring Your Attitude To Life』,嘗試作多方面的實驗,透過不受規限的剪裁與將各種不同的元素拼合運用,以自創的插畫圖案、藝術、等等融入到時裝裡面,為服裝帶出更多的趣味與選擇,展現出時尚的多樣性和獨特性,目標令每件單品都能成為衣櫃中的珍寶。『ella épeler』是以系列形式推出,不以季節給品牌有所局限, 觀望不同人的穿搭方式,激發品牌更大膽的創作與嘗試。

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